Nice little video (click on the link above) from Vicky who is leaving us to go on her travels and live it up. She also leaves us with a message to her fellow Celtic Warriors;

We shout, swear, push, laugh & joke with each other. I’ve been no repped too often & done too many Burpee’s for birthday’s & no names on the board, fallen from bars & been covered in whip marks & bruises (which I’ve had to explain to people is not from some sexual fetish). The box has become my second home & the people within it are the weirdest, funniest, grumpiest (reevesy) bunch you’ll meet but you ALL literally are the best in your own personal & unique way. I’m so proud to be part of such an amazing community. Everyone has made my time at Celtic even better than expected & I couldn’t ask for anything better. Thank you to the coaches for everything you’ve done over the past year. I can’t single people out because I’ve made great friendships with everyone, I will miss everyone very much whilst I’m away but I’ll be back after all I am branded…’once a warrior always a warrior’

More sad news, unfortunately Andy Crisp or Mr.Ruth as he came to us?! Is also leaving as a Celtic Warrior after spending over 6 months battling traffic from Cardiff passing 4 other boxes to stay a member of our community. But practicality has won the argument and a nice note of thanks from him also. The dulcet cockney tones will be missed pal (coach Coxy’s poor attempts aren’t quite the same!) and we are expecting visits.

Evening gents,

It’s with much sadness that I’m letting you know that I’m not going to be renewing my membership in June.

After the WOD from Grumpy Coxy last Tuesday I’ve decided to jack it all in! Nah, not really, though that WAS a horror session.

I’ve just been fighting a losing battle with traffic trying to get from Cardiff to Newport of an evening, and with Dragon Llanishen on our doorstep now it just doesn’t make sense to be racking up the miles in the week.

I’ve loved every minute of being a part of the Celtic Crossfit community. Whilst never one of the stand out performers I’ve always felt a great sense of achievement thanks to the enthusiasm and positivity that comes from all the coaches and fellow WODders. Every small progression made me feel like I’d won the Crossfit Games. As very much an outsider, everyone went out of their way to make me feel welcome from day one. I’ve made some firm friends and certainly don’t intend to be a stranger. I still need to attend a social event, and might make the odd guest appearance from time to time.

I’ve put off this move as long as possible, but it just makes sense from a practicality point of view.

I’ll miss you guys. Thanks so much for everything you did for me, and for all you continue to do for the Celtic community stranger. I still need to attend a social event, and might make the odd guest appearance from time to time.

Sad times but we wish both all the best. Vic travel pics representing are compulsory and yes indeed you are both now branded.

Once a Warrior ALWAYS a Warrior

Vicky WOD
In teams of 3
200 DU’s
50 OHS
50 KB Swings
25 synchronised burpees
x2 rounds

during DU’s, OHS and KB swing one of the 3 must be carried by another while the final person is working, during synchronised burpees the KB must be held by non working athlete

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