Another very busy day at the Box….
Which saw, a very competitive dawn patrol, some DWF training from our Celtic Team, The welcome return to training of Coach Ffred after his Honeymoon. A visit from the Amazing “Sports Therapy Cardiff” to help some of our athletes with their recovery, Three very busy evening classes AND… Our April On Rampers 2nd session. PHEW! ….
It’s great to see our community growing and even better to see the progress being made at the moment.. It’s not just about hitting PR’s or finishing first in a Workout. The big “Gainz” are evident in the improvement in the way that your moving! Your technique! Your skill development! Your understanding! This makes us, as coaches very proud. And is clearly evident in all classes at the moment. Once again superb effort today from every one of our Celtic Warriors.
A) 1 Deadlift
2 Hang Power Cleans
2 Jerk
OTMEM for 12 Mins
B) 10 Wall Balls, 10 Toes to bar, 100m
9 Wall Balls, 9 Toes to bar, 100m run
8 WB, 8 T2B, 100m run … Down to..
1 Wall ball, 1 Toes to bar



Important Announcement
This weekend our much loved “Master Doffy” has qualified to compete in Britain’s biggest and most prestigious Crossfit Masters Competition “Raising the Bar” bring held at Dragon Crossfit.

We hope that a large contingent of our community will try and be there to support him! On this note..We will only be open 9-10am this Saturday for ONE class There will be NO Open gym afterwards. as we will all be down supporting Doffy in this amazing achievement.
Sorry for any inconvenience but this is a special occasion!


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