DWF Announcement

I know a lot of you were very excited at the prospect of challenging yourselves and having a go at the DWF online qualifiers! And we understand that after all the enthusiasm in the build up to the release of the workouts many of you will feel frustrated at not being able to access some of the loads or movements.
DWF is a huge competition and we would usually Direct only members that can hit “competition criteria” or challenging loads consistently to enter. But this year we wanted to harness your enthusiasm and use the qualifiers as a community builder for you, our athletes. So being wary of the potential cost to you, we checked with DWF prior to opening the registration up to everyone and we were assured that the Movements and Loads would be accessible to ALL athletes.

This is obviously not the case, so we apologise if anyone feels they have wasted any money etc. on signing up. As you can imagine we have a very disgruntled set of coaches at the moment….

(Bottom Right is obvs.. Coach Reevesy)

But… we will still be embracing the competition, performing the qualifiers at the box and anything that we can do to help you achieve the standards we will!

We hope this does not dishearten or overawe any of you! And you continue to display the zest and fervour for improvement and challenge that we have seen in the Celtic Crossfit Affiliate Cup!
Good luck to all involved!

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