BEAST…Lü Xiaojun

The Olympic lifts looking very decent at the box today. Well done guys smooth fast and consistent. Keep up the good work.

Great effort and brilliant support for ‘disgruntled’ social secretary Mr. Geeves, to get out his final ring dip. But he got there, just.


Well done class 3 who chose to brave the elements this evening as they spurned a variation to get their swim on. Well done all showing true Celtic Warrior Spirit. (Apart from Juan who had a note from his mum)

A) OTM Snatch

B) OTM Clean

C) 5 Rounds
Run 400m
10 Ring dips
For time

Celebration Friday
This Friday is the 3rd anniversary of Celtic CrossFit and what a great few years its been so far.

We have decided rather in promptly (much to the disapproval of him not getting organisational duties Geeves) to go out and grab an informal bite to eat in the ‘paleo’ friendly if you so wish? Viva Brazil this Friday sign up at the whiteboard if you are keen or via twitter before tomorrow night, plenty have already. So we can hopefully get ourselves booked in.

Meat. Meat. Meat. Meat…


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