5 Things to ask yourself before you train…

Your workouts should be designed to challenge you. Push you outside of your comfort zone. Give your body a reason to have to adapt.

But they should also meet you where you are, taking into account all the things in your life that have gone into making you, you… where you are today.

Next time you’re starting your workout, check-in with yourself by asking the following questions:

1. Is the level to which I’ve scaled the ______(weight, reps, rounds, movement) appropriate for where I am today?

2. Does it take into consideration the unique things that make me, me?

3. Does it both meet me where I am, and challenge me to step forward, outside of my comfort zone?

4. Is it an appropriate step forward for the continued development of my health and fitness?

5. Does it provide me with the opportunity to take risk?

If your answers to these questions are generally YES, go for it! If not, you may want to re-think things. It’s so easy to get sucked into the need/desire to keep up with everyone else – to go hard just for going hard’s sake. Take the opportunity before the start of workouts to make sure you’re doing what you really should be doing – what honors, supports and results in your forward progress.

The beauty of CrossFit is the functional and varied approach to an all encompassing increase in physical capacity across all modalities.

This means we aim at getting you better at everything, not just making you sweat.

You all are unique

You all have varied strengths and weaknesses

WODs will challenge you in different ways, constantly.

There is far more to the program than just pushing to your limits and getting out of breath and ‘smashing’ each session.

Some present different challenges, none less than increasing technical efficiency in everything


That is of the upmost importance and with it comes the greatest adaptation. Putting you in a position to complete more reps successfully, lift more weight, move faster, increase your results, decrease your likelihood of movement difficulties as you age.

What did you do today. How did you do it?

Saturday morning metcon


Back squat.

800m run
50 Sit ups
30 Kbs
20 Box Jumps
150 DU’s


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