Tonight brought us a tasty little couplet of a WOD. A bit if running put together with some Olympic Weightlifting, one of those kind of WODs many took a look at and thought about why they chose to hit the box tonight.

A task that was dealt with impressively by all with some even surprising themselves (Hannah with the 7pm Crew!). A longer WOD across both modalities but a challenge and rewarding all at once.

The pictures above exemplify why where you guys come to get better together has become so special. We work hard, harder than we thought was possible. Take the highs and the lows (yes there are some but a lot more highs), we put the blood sweat and tears (with even a little bit of sick on occasions- eh Vick?!) into our efforts. All on the path to self betterment and physical but also mental improvements, beyond our expectations.

How many of you have realised you are a lot tougher than you used to think?

How many of you have become physically more capable, physically better and a healthier human being?

How many other places could you go and train your asses off, where the last people to finish are cheered on as loud as the first, and all are spurred on to great accomplishments?

The community we have at the box is something special. Something that has been noted by all who pay us a visit. Something we all should be very proud of.

You are strong, you are humble…


5 x 2
Hang Power Clean

Run 1 Mile
21 Clean and Jerk
Run 800m
15 Clean and Jerk
Run 400m
9 Clean and Jerk

For Time


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