Some more handstand push-up practice this evening and plenty of improvements.

But also plenty to learn going forward. Interesting to see minor faults or some physical limitations in technique causing a breakdown in technique as fatigue and volume of reps kick in.

Remember the basics are what you move on from and build upon and if they are a bit off they become magnified under load(weight), fatigue or complexity.

Practicing skills to throw them out the window on 3…2…1…GO is a shot in the foot for your hard work and progress.

The old saying 1 step back for 2 forward comes to mind.

We are all in a race for the end product, the complete package, but sometimes forget about our already vast progress and improvements. They have all been achieved a step at a time. Keep taking those steps and fighting the temptation to jump and crash land.

How good can you be in another 3, 6, 12 months?

That choice is yours

Handstand press ups

Bench Press
3 x 5

Ring Dip
Kettlebell snatch


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