Sunday team Woddage


Good to see Coxy let Ross do all the work. There is a rumour of some photographic evidence of Mr Cox with his top on and actually doing a WOD….Somewhere?

3 x 8
Bench Press

In teams of 3

1000m Row
50 Thrusters
30 chest 2 bar pull-ups

150 Wallballs

Buy Out
100Kb Swings
Row 1KM

For time

Oh Dear


This was what was left at the box by the end of this week….We have asked politely for you guys to look after and respect your gym a concept different to a ‘normal’ gym. Where you come and go and not care about the place.

We at CelticCrossFit are a community of like minded people, who appreciate the hard work and path to physical betterment that goes with CrossFit and its methods. All enjoying (after the WOD is done!) the time we spend together on this journey at our Box. This goes for us as coaches too considering you as friends. We enjoy helping you get better and closer to your optimal health and physical potential week by week.

We do not enjoy picking up rubbish and the crap that you may forget or may discard during/after sessions. We understand that the vast majority of you do take your belongings with you and some may be more forgetful than others. Help each other out as we would expect no less than that from our Celtic Warriors.

Respect your Box and all within it.
Respect your Box rules they are there for your benefit.

NAMES ON ALL BOTTLES FROM NOW ON or motivational consequences…#yayburpees

Thank you


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