Happy Birthday and Good Luck!

Happy Birthday to Ross who turned 38 today and has his sights set on Masters competitions in a couple of years. Keep up the good work. Hopefully your locks will stay with you another year or two until then.

on the other end of the scale Good Luck to Ben Sawyer who is moving on to London Taan. For his first go at being a productive member of society as a heated beverage technician. Rumour has it he may even qualify to pay taxes soon!

Curt is said to be dealing well with the difficulties of the split and has already moved bigger, stronger brother Paul Sawyer in to fill Bens boots. Vowing to WOD on, without Ben by his side any longer, to ignore, shout at and text whilst not counting reps or form for Paul instead.

In all seriousness it has been a pleasure having you with us at the box over the last year and a half. Improving no end (even your patented frog leg pull-ups!) being one of the strongest guys at the box at a relatively light body weight. Loving your Olympic lifting the most, just ahead of pistols.

Representing our box and community in the GB Olympic Weightlifting talent ID day and being part of the CelticCrossFit team at DWF12 as one if the top 50 CrossFit teams in the the UK. Recently stashing half of the box up from CF 5th Ave NY too. We are pretty sure you will continue to develop evolve and improve further as an athlete long into the future.

All the best from all at the box. Drop in when you are down to visit Curt.

REMEMBER- once a Warrior always a CELTIC WARRIOR. The unique CelticCrossFit welcome will always be here for you.

Good luck with the tea trolley.

4 Rounds
5 Clean and Jerk
75 Double Unders

Handstand Press ups

Sit ups


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