Courtesy of Dai Manuel: The Moose is Loose
Some food for thought for you on a Sunday evening….or a Monday morning if you are at your desks. Before we get out PALEO MAY UNDERWAY

Carbs , how and why they are the cause of weight gain.

Carbohydrates — it doesn’t matter whether these are in sugar, bread, pasta, breakfast cereals, fruit or vegetables — are all exactly the same as far as your body is concerned: they are all ultimately converted to the blood sugar, glucose.

All carbs are digested very quickly — within a few minutes. This means that within a very short time after a carb-rich meal the level of glucose in your bloodstream will rise rapidly.

High blood glucose levels, over prolonged periods of time, are dangerous and as levels of glucose rise rapidly in the bloodstream, your pancreas rapidly produces a large amount of insulin to take the excess glucose out. This is an important point as insulin is the hormone ultimately responsible for body fat storage.


2rm OHS


100 Du’s
run 1km


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