LADIES and CROSSFIT and the FEAR of getting ‘BULKY’

Skinny Fat vs Athletic Physique
Muscle vs Fat


Weightloss vs Fatloss

Which would you prefer around your waist??

The Chocolates Cakes and Pasta/bread and the storing of fat or the building lean muscle by lifting weight making you ‘Bulky”

Truth time it is not the weights!!

Skinny Fat to Athletic

A great transformation that clearly shows what happens when you go from skinny fat to toned and lean. If you use the right diet and training approach this can be done fast – and without spending all your life training and worrying about food.

What Women FEAR about weightlifting

Impossible without serious Steroid and Hormone Abuse!!

What actually happens

Skinny Fat vs Feminine and athletic

Reason why you are skinny fat #1 – Crash dieting and eating plans low in protein.

Losing muscle = decreased metabolism = storing more body fat

Solution to reason #1 – A diet composed of protein and vegetables (hmm sound like PALEO??)

Reason why you are skinny fat #2 – Excessive cardio and aerobics

Solution to Reason #2-

CrossFit and it’s Fuctional Movements performed at a High Intensity and Lifting Large Loads(Weights) Long Distances Quickly (No Pink dumbbells that are as heavy as a tin of beans!)

Reason why you are skinny fat #3 – Low intensity strength training

This is the type of training you see advertsed to women everywhere. It’s a lot easier selling this type of training because it can be done at home, in classes, it’s easy and it doesn’t involve hard work. The fitness myth that you are able to spot reduce by exercising a specific area you want to get smaller is still alive and well. Take a look around the gym. You will see women performing endless reps of crunches, wasting time on the inner/outer thigh machine and “fat burning” classes with high repetitions low weight “strength training”. This type of training will do absolutely nothing for your skinny fat body.

You will not find many women in the free weight area training hard with barbells and dumbbells. Somehow women believe that it’s only for the guys that want huge muscles.

If your ‘Zumba’/aerobics instructor has a lean, muscled and ‘toned’ physique, guess what?

They didn’t get that athletic physique from just Zumba or any other aerobics routine. They have lifted and do lift a decent amount of weight (not tiny pink dumbells!) as part of their own programme to get and stay in that great shape.

This is exactly what will catapult women’s results and get them on target for the slim fit physique.

Solution to reason #3 – Heavy strength training. Lift Larger Loads Long Distances as is at the core of CrossFit

Muscle = metabolism

You must build or maintain muscle mass to keep your metabolism spinning like a hummingbird. The more lean muscle you have on your frame, the higher your metabolism is going to be. And muscle is the key to shape your body from skinny fat into a fit athletic physique. Sadly, women have gotten a wrong impression of what lifting weight does to the body. For some strange reason women think they will turn into men. But to obtain outstanding fitness results this is exactly what skinny fat or any other women need in their training routines to be truly fit and healthy.


Skinny fat no more – get the fit and feminine physique.





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