Tonight saw us hit some weaknesses… and re-visit an old favourite from The Crossfit Games Open qualifiers…

It was amazing to see so many smashing their previous scores and fab to see some of our newer members posting some impressive results to boot!

Strength/ Skills
A) 4 Overhead Squats OTMEM (7 mins)
B) 7 mins to achieve 3 rounds max reps Toes to bar


A great job working technique and mechanics on two of our biggest weaknesses!
A) 7min AMRAP – Burpees
5 minute rest…
B) 3 min Double Unders

Just as disgusting as last time!! But amazing guts and determination shown by you all to get through and smash your previous bests!

Congratulations to our latest graduating On Ramp Class
Tonight saw the final session for our latest On Ramp members. In line with every other session, they were amazing!! We have seen such progress in only two weeks! Just imagine what results you could achieve with regular sessions! Well done to you all! Hope to see you smashing some workouts in class soon!!

Smashing a very spicy power clean & burpee couplet

Our first Crazy American member Spencer, absolutely wrecked after smashing tonight’s WOD!!


2 thoughts on “12.9.12

  1. OHS @ 50kg
    T2B – 15, 12, 10

    113 Burpees
    105 DU’s – Finally getting them; forget the weights – 34 unbroken has to be my favourite PB for a while!

  2. Nice weakness practice last night, got to be done! Only 40kg on the squats need more work!
    68 du which although poor wasn’t too disappointed with straight after burpees. loved the 7 mins of pain! 102 compared to 86 in the open although I’m sure the 6 inch target took quite a few off.
    Well done again to on rampers. see u next week!

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